Drone Solutions Academy

Drone Solutions Academy Provides Zimbabwe With The Highest Quality Drone Training.

Approved Training Organisation Certificate -RPA

Services Offered

Services Offered

Whether you want to learn to fly for pleasure or build a career in drone flying, we offer a full range of drone training courses to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on the stringent aviation safety standards that we strictly adhere to, the quality of our ground school courses, and our high standards of flight training on a superior drone fleet.

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Drone Pilot Careers

Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue

Agriculture Drone Pilot

Search and Rescue

Drone Mining Pilot


We are committed to ensuring that our students receive the finest RPL training and technology transfer, through our streamlined course material and practical training. Our goal is to equip you with the highest level of skills and knowledge, in order to operate private and unmanned aircraft in a commercial capacity safely. You will complete your course with the assurance that you have received the finest training. In addition, your association with Drone Solution Academy will make you extremely marketable.

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